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George Washington Slept Here

Script cover for GWSH

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Thurs/Fri/Sat 4-5-6 April 1968

in the auditorium of Wakefield High School,

Arlington, VA.


the cast:

Newton Fuller portrayed by Randolph Nesseler

Annabelle Fuller portrayed by Emerald Erickson

Uncle Stanley portrayed by James Howard

Mr. Kimber portrayed by William Newman

Rena Leslie portrayed by Daphne Burkhalter

Madge Fuller portrayed by Nancy Heasley

Steve Eldridge portrayed by John Woods

Mr. Prescott portrayed by William Kaffenberger

Raymond portrayed by Hershel Browne

Hester portrayed by Linda Pittman

Mrs. Douglas portrayed by Wilma Williams

Tommy Hughes portrayed by Louis Mikedes

Clayton Evans portrayed by Louis Wells

Sue Barrington portrayed by Cathy DuLong

Katie portrayed by Debbie Shackleford

Leggett Frazer portrayed by Joe Tomlinson

Miss Wilcox portrayed by Linda Jernigan

Cast from program


Randy and Emerald

Newton (Randy Nesseler) and Annabelle (Emerald Erickson) ponder the troubles that are starting to pile up at their little home in the country.

Bill Newman

Mr. Kimber (Bill Newman) tries to be of assistance.

Jim and Emerald

Annabelle and Uncle Stanley (Jim Howard) during a trying moment.

Bill K. as Prescott

Mr. Prescott (Bill Kaffenberger), a board member of the local bank, reveals that he is the rightful owner of the property.

Randy and Jim

Uncle Stanley and Newton do some serious thinking about how to foil Mr. Prescott.

GWSH Signal article

An article from The Signal about the production.

GWSH Signal review

A review of the production from The Signal.


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